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"Man, the living creature, the creating individual, is always more important than any established style or system." (Bruce Lee)


bruce leeBruce Lee at Ocean Terminal Car Park, HK (1972)


Most of the following interviews have been conducted via my Bruce Lee discussion forum over the years (see link above). I think you'll find some interesting stories and facts. Please enjoy..............


John Saxon (Roper in "Enter the Dragon")


Alex Ben Block (Author "The Legend of Bruce Lee")


Dave Friedman (Photographer "Enter the Dragon")


Joe Hyams (JKD private student)


Linda Palmer (family friend)


Jon Benn (Boss in "The Way of the Dragon")


George Tan (Bruce Lee historian) & Davis Miller (author)


Victor Moore (Karate tournament fighter)


Bey Logan (Discovered the original "Game of Death" footage)


Steve Kerridge (Bruce Lee author)


Sam Allred (Recorded Bruce's demo at Long Beach 1967)


David Tadman (Bruce Lee historian)


Joe Lewis, Jesse Glover, Jim DeMile, Anders Nelson & Lawrence Tan


Norman Borine (Bruce Lee museum owner)


bruce in the game of death