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"Truth has no path. Truth is living and, therefore, changing." (Bruce Lee)


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The following articles are a must read for every Bruce Lee enthusiast :-


The "Missing" Big Boss by Jason Hart


The Game of Death by Nick Clarke


The Death of Bruce Lee by George Tan


Bruce Lee and Dan Lee Phone Conversation


Man of All Seasons by Geoge Tan


Bruce Lee and Unicorn Chan

The following are excellent articles/interviews posted by LJF:-


Interview with Tony Lau-Wing


Interview with Henry Wong


Interview With Bolo Yeung


Interview With Bee Chan


Sylvia Lai recalls Bruce Lee and his JKD


Yasuaki Kurata – The Karate Dragon


Ricky Chik Remembers Bruce Lee


Margaret Leung Man-Lan On Bruce Lee


Bruce Lee and Connie Chan Po-Chu


Hayward Nishioka on Bruce Lee


Bruce Lee and The “Choy Li Fut” Connections


The Scriptwriter Who Wrote “Sai Fung”


Remembering a childhood friend, Bruce Lee


Bruce Lee’s 33 Untold Trivia By Betty Ting


Master Siu Hon-Sung on Bruce Lee


The Jing Mo and Northern Styles Connections


Little Dragon Lair’s Feng Shui


Ted Wong on Bruce Lee and the State of JKD


Bruce Lee's various unmade projects


Bruce Lee and Dragon Style System’s Connection


Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee and His Scriptwriting Team


The Hui’s Brothers On Bruce Lee


RTV Host – David Lo on Bruce Lee


HK Stuntman Steve Lee’s Recollections of Bruce Lee


The Big Dragon Who Influenced The Little Dragon


The Audition On 1st May 1972


Bruce Lee’s Iron Palm and Iron Finger’s connections


Part 2


Wan Kam Leung on Bruce Lee


Tony Liu short Q & A on GAME


The director who almost co-directs ’72 GAME


Interview with Michael Chan Wai-Man


Eunice Lam Remembers Bruce Lee


Part 2


Robert Chan on Bruce Lee


The Reporter Who Challenged Bruce Lee


The Legend of The Unicorn


Unicorn Chan: Fortune & Confidant


Nora Miao on Bruce Lee (1972)


Nora Miao on Bruce Lee (1973)


Nora Miao’s Interview (2012)


10 Rare Info About Bruce Lee


Rare GAME Info in Golden Movie News


Bruce Lee – A Child Prodigy of The Silver Screen


Bruce Lee’s Relationships With Early 70’s HK Chinese Martial Arts Community


Bruce Lee

10 Rare Info About Bruce Lee


Rare GAME Info in Golden Movie News


Bruce Lee – A Child Prodigy of The Silver Screen


Beating up 10 Karatekas in airport was a rumor


Last Interview of the late Dan Lee (1930-2015)










Bruce’s visit to St. Francis was actually 13th March 1973


Ng See Yuen’s Memoir: “Remembering the legend – Bruce Lee”


Ng See Yuen’s Interview on Bruce Lee




The lnfamous Rooftop Fight of Bruce on 2nd May 1958


Updated Info about GAME


HK Comedian Yu Ming On Bruce Lee


Where was Bruce Lee between 1st Dec – 20th Dec 1972?


Bruce Lee & Hung Gar’s Mania


Master Gin Foon Mark On Bruce Lee


Bruce Lee & The Praying Mantis Connections


Bruce Lee in Fist of Fury

Gin Foon Mark - Praying Mantis Master


Fook Yueng - A forgotten Master of Bruce Lee


Bruce Lee's Hong Kong TV Shows (timeline)


Peter Chin: In The Shadow of The Dragon


Interview: Bruce Lee - An Impulsive Dragon


Nishimoto Tadashi & GAME


Nishimoto Tadashi Talked About Bruce Lee


Bruce Lee’s Accupunch


The Woman Behind Run Run Shaw


HK Bruce Lee’s Historian – Paul Lee


Larry Lee Gam-Kwan: Sparring With Bruce Lee


Larry Lee Gam-Kwan & Bruce Lee 8mm film


Was Bruce Lee the 8 Tigers of Junction Street?


Fist of Fury actor, Tien Feng dies


HK Colony Fencing Champion In 1958


1972 HK Top 10 Movie Stars


Bruce Lee's news article on Jan 17th, 1972


Taming The 2 Korean Tigers In 1972


GOD Complete 3rd - 5th Floor including Lost Log Footage Found By HK Stephen Au Kam Tong